I have been an academic advisor at Tiffin University for more than 14 years. I work with nontraditional students and help them reach their educational goals by keeping them on track with their classes and being there when questions, concerns or unforeseen circumstances arise. I have advised online students for a long time and use my experience to find inventive ways to assist them, especially when the going gets challenging.

I am passionate about what I do because I, too, was a nontraditional student when I decided to complete my bachelor’s degree. I know firsthand how important an advisor is to students’ success. I depended on my advisor to keep me on track with the right classes so I could reach my educational goals and my target graduation date. He was always there when I needed him, and I vowed to be as helpful and understanding an advisor to others as he was for me. My goal is to be of service to my students and it is something I work toward every day.

The students make my job incredibly rewarding. I remember working with a young single mother who had the courage to leave a very abusive relationship. She was rattled with daily ups and downs while working to get her life in order for her and her two young children. I stayed in contact with her weekly in the beginning, so she knew she had someone in her corner who cared about her success. I brought to her attention the small victories she made, which slowly showed her how much her life was changing for the better. Her confidence increased and her determination to finish was impressive! She persevered through all her challenges and the day she finished her last class was a joyous occasion for both of us!

The best advice I have for adult students thinking about going back to school is to be realistic about the time they can devote to classes and studying. Most often, adult students who take a part-time schedule at first are more successful. This allows them to get back into the swing of school with much less stress and put a good time management plan in place.

Everyone who knows me sees my passion for work and my students. But I also really enjoy spending time with my family and my two cats. My hobbies include cooking, gardening, being out in nature and learning about energy medicine.