I came to Tiffin University as a graduate admissions counselor in 2017. I have a bachelor’s degree in health and human performance from Heidelberg University and am currently pursuing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

When I started my job as a TU admissions counselor, I was working toward my MBA. With the birth of my first daughter coming shortly before I was due to finish, I had to put my education on pause. A year and a half and two daughters later, I went back to school to complete my MBA program.

I tell this story because I want students to know I understand how overwhelming it can be to pursue higher education, especially when you’re already juggling work and a family. I enjoy helping people through the steps to earning a degree to make it simple and stress-free. All of us at TU take a lot of pride and put a lot of effort into making sure students are prepared and comfortable in every aspect of their education. That’s something you won’t find at every institution.