I work with students pursuing degrees in the School of Business Administration or Arts and Sciences. Since I work mainly with adult students with very busy lives, I try to be a one-stop shop for them and answer any questions I can. From their second week of class through graduation, I am there for academic support, guidance and encouragement. I help students with problem solving, time management, scheduling classes, monitoring online attendance and reaching out to professors and other TU offices.

I’m in a great position to help students because I’ve been at TU so long. I started my career in the financial aid office in 2005, then moved into online academic advising in 2010. I have worked with online Bachelor of Business Administration students since 2012 and was recently promoted to Assistant Director for Online Advising. I now work with Bachelor of Science Students as well.

There is no better feeling than seeing someone who worked incredibly hard and overcame extreme obstacles walk across the stage at graduation. Online adult students who can’t attend the graduation ceremony often include me in their excitement by sending pictures of their diploma when it comes in the mail. Knowing I helped them achieve that monumental accomplishment is unparalleled to anything else.

Many of my students face extraordinary circumstances while pursuing their degrees. I’ve seen people get married and have babies, lose a child or parent, beat cancer, fight homelessness, lose jobs, get huge promotions and move across the country. Every student overcomes battles big and small to make it to the finish line. I consider each and every one to be extraordinary.

Being an advisor, people often ask for my advice about going back to school. I like to ask, “Do you see a better life for you and your family? Do you see opportunities to advance your career?” When they tell me about their goals and dreams, I know they have already taken the first step to success. Going back to school isn’t easy. It requires you to reorganize your time and priorities for a while, but that end goal, the future you imagined, will be a constant reminder to keep pushing forward. Our students have a whole Tiffin University family behind them, including me, guiding them every step of the way.

Most of my students don’t know this about me because we communicate via phone and e-mail, but I am 6’1” tall. It’s always fun to see the expressions on their faces when they come to graduation and we meet for the first time, as they don’t expect to see me towering over most of the crowd. My secret is out!