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I’m from central Florida, where I lived until I came to Tiffin University at age 17 to go to school and compete on the equestrian team. I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management degree in 2011, then became a coach.

When I decided to make a career change and transition from coaching to working in Graduate Admissions, I was nervous but excited about my new venture. I was eager to assist students, knowing I could help make their decisions about graduate school a streamlined and stress-free process. I earned my own Master of Business Administration degree in general management from TU in 2017, so I can definitely relate to what our students go through. My experience proves you can navigate school and work to achieve your career goals, whatever they are.

I tell students that no matter what field of study they pursue, they should develop strong written and verbal communication skills. These are so important in advancing both personal and professional growth. I also say structure can help them balance work, family and life. I enjoy adventure and spontaneity, but when it comes to day-to-day life, I keep to a routine. I find with two kids under the age of two, structure keeps me sane!

I met my husband as a freshman at TU. He and I enjoy spending time with our family and friends, vacationing, hiking, riding horses and, most of all, watching our two young children experience life. We have a dog named Tucker, a horse named G, a donkey named Tootsie and a cat named Kitty. I’m very lucky that TU’s culture recognizes the value of “family first.” As a mother and wife, this is very important to me.