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Let’s face it: business makes the world go ‘round. If you have a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree on your resume, it will catch employers’ attention, give you a leg up on other candidates and make you more attractive come hiring time. Have your already started your career? Pursuing a degree that expands your knowledge and perspectives can help you lock down that next promotion or pay raise.

If you’re still wondering whether getting a BBA degree is worth the investment, take a look at these five facts. You’ll be convinced.


1. Companies want people with business majors. In a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, more than 80 percent of employers said they would hire business majors.1 More options for you!

2. Employers appreciate ambition. Pursuing a degree shows you have initiative and will work hard to achieve your goals. To an employer, that drive means you’ll be willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities at work, too.

3. You’ll be ready for the real world. What you learn from books is valuable, but if you can show potential employers that you can hit the ground running, all the better. A BBA degree from Tiffin University gives you an extra layer of credibility because our classes are taught by people with firsthand work experience in their fields.

4. You’ll have more career choices. BBA degree programs cover a wide range of subjects. At Tiffin University, our curriculum includes marketing, economics, accounting, human resource management and more. A good understanding of the broad business landscape can open up more career possibilities.

5. It’s the next step to an MBA. Most Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, including Tiffin University’s, require a BBA for admission. Whether you ultimately go for an MBA or not, laying the groundwork now will prepare you that option later.

1Demand Greatest for Bachelor’s Grads, Business Majors, National Association of Colleges and Employers, April 30, 2018

Where you get your BBA degree matters as much as why. Tiffin University is a solid choice because our professors have worked in the business world and will help you put your best foot forward. There’s no time like now. Put your career in gear with a BBA degree from Tiffin University.

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